Synergy TDI Indicator MT4

Are you looking for an indicator that helps maximize your trading profits? Look no further! The Synergy TDI Indicator MT4 is the perfect tool for creating an edge, unlocking market knowledge, and enhancing your trading experience.

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Introduction to Synergy TDI Indicator MT4

Synergy TDI Indicator MT4

Synergy TDI is an advanced technical analysis indicator used in MetaTrader 4 (MT4) to indicate the direction of a trend and its strength. The indicator was created by an experienced trader, Synergy Markets, with the goal of helping traders identify trends and mistakes as well as providing actionable buy and sell signals. This powerful indicator consists of three main components – the Trend Detector, a Market Momentum Oscillator, and an ATR-Based Filter.

Each component plays an important role in helping traders gain insight into the current market conditions so they can take advantage of mispricings that occur frequently throughout each day.

  • The Trend Detector portion of the Synergy TDI Indicator MT4 is designed to measure both the magnitude and duration of trend movements. It considers both price moves and volume statistics to detect major trends in any given asset class or trading instrument. Through its expertly crafted algorithm which combines price momentum with volume data analysis, it identifies early stages of trend movements allowing traders to join in on active trends ahead of their peers.
  • The Market Momentum Oscillator further enhances the Trend Detector feature by measuring upswings and downswings within a trending market period. This allows investors to have more confidence when engaging in trades since it can help pinpoint potential reversal points within a particular trend cycle.
  • The ATR-Based Filter module offers traders added insight into market volatility levels based on average true range, thus enabling more informed decision-making when entering or exiting trades given current volatility conditions/clarifying whether there is still room left for upside before exhaustion occurs or estimated target prices are reached.

Overview of Synergy TDI Indicator MT4

Synergy TDI, or Trader’s Dynamic Index, is an indicator developed by BrianFx and distributed through the MetaTrader 4 platform. This indicator provides traders with readings of overbought and oversold market conditions according to color-coded signals visible on a chart. The Synergy TDI is an oscillator-based system based on Relative Strength Index (RSI), Average True Range (ATR), and Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD). It measures market momentum on all time frames, including intra-day price actions.

The Synergy TDI Indicator is composed of three main elements: the Relative Wave Bands (RWB), the Directional Movement Index (DMI), and the Volumes Histogram. The RWB reflects how much extent of movement in a price at any given moment; DMI reflects when that movement begins to become more directional, and the Volumes Histogram gives insight into whether volume confirms or negates trend signals produced by the first two indicators.

The combination of these three indicators provides traders with an effective way to detect bullish divergences, bearish divergences, trend direction changes, and possible reversals before they occur. By using the Synergy TDI Indicator’s color-coded visual signals traders can easily distinguish between overbought/oversold conditions within a trend or during the absence of pronounced trends.

Overview of Synergy TDI Indicator MT4

Features and Benefits of Synergy TDI Indicator MT4

The Synergy TDI Indicator MT4 is a powerful Forex trading tool designed to help traders identify and exploit market opportunities by utilizing its custom-programmed indicator. This indicator combines both a trend direction oscillator along with specialized filters and support and resistance levels. The Synergy TDI Indicator MT4 can be used on any timeframe of currency pair, allowing traders to gain an edge in their analysis of the markets.

One of the key features of the Synergy TDI indicator is its ability to generate visual trends by plotting colorful lines on the chart which clearly show whether a trend is up or down. Furthermore, these lines can be customized according to different timeframes and trend lengths as required by the trader. This feature makes it easier for traders to spot when a market opportunity exists within an existing trend.

Another important feature of this forex trading tool is that it includes support and resistance levels which are determined from price movements on markets’ historical timeframes. These levels allow traders to identify buy & sell opportunities based on current conditions in the market giving them greater precision in their trading decisions. Additionally, support & resistance obstacles may be adjusted according to the trader’s own risk preferences or requirements for entering or exiting trades within certain parameters.

In addition, this forex tool offers a built-in money management component that keeps track of profits, losses, successes, and failures over varying periods thereby allowing traders to assess their overall performance more efficiently while setting achievable goals going forward. With its sophisticated features designed to improve trading accuracy as well as provide useful visuals during analysis, Synergy TDI Indicator MT4 is sure to help all types of Forex traders achieve better results in their trades and maximize potential profits.

How to Use Synergy TDI Indicator MT4

The Synergy TDI Indicator MT4 is a powerful technical analysis indicator used to help traders identify potential entry and exit points in the forex market. The indicator uses a combination of trend analysis and support and resistance levels to provide a comprehensive overview of market activity. It can be used to generate buy and sell signals on any timeframe from one minute up to weekly bars.

To get started with the Synergy TDI, it’s important to understand the general principles behind it. The indicator is based on 5 separate lines:

  • Market Base Line (MBL), which shows the current overall trend;
  • Overall Signal Line (OSL), which indicates whether the MBL is rising or falling;
  • Consumer Signal Line (CSL), which provides buy/sell signals when aligned with the OSL;
  • Market Direction Line (MDL), which measures current market strength across all sectors; and
  • Price Exit Factor (PEF), which indicates when traders should consider closing their positions.

In addition to these 5 underlying components, Synergy TDI has several features designed to make trading easier, including alerts when certain criteria are met, candlestick patterns, price labels that show how far away an asset is from its support/resistance level, levels detector tool for customizing your own levels, color coding that helps identify entries more quickly, etc. With this information at hand, traders can confidently analyze price trends and determine when to enter or exit trades for maximum profit potential.

Tips and Strategies for Trading with Synergy TDI Indicator MT4

Successful trading using the Synergy TDI Indicator MT4 requires a disciplined strategy that considers market volatility and trading risk. A few tips and strategies may help you achieve desired results when using Synergy TDI Indicator MT4. Here are the essential points to remember:

  1. Learn how to use the Synergy TDI indicator before you start trading. Familiarize yourself with its various functions, such as price reversal, buy/sell signals, momentum, etc., & how they can be incorporated into your trading plan.
  2. Remember that most of the data for this indicator are based on trends and identifying a trend can help you make more accurate forecasts & better assessments of where to enter or exit a position.
  3. Use technical analysis techniques in conjunction with the data from the TDI indicator to get an understanding of potential support & resistance levels in a particular asset or currency pair, which should provide valuable insight that can supplement your own research & decision-making processes.
  4. Set realistic goals when trading with Synergy TDI Indicator MT4 and stick to risk management rules such as limiting leverage & always setting stop-loss orders in order to protect yourself from any drastic market moves or unexpected events that might occur while trading with this tool.
  5. Monitor your trades closely to assess your performance & identify opportunities for improvement which should help improve your overall results over time via practice and experience gained in using the indicator effectively during live market conditions.
Tips and Strategies for Trading with Synergy TDI Indicator MT4

Pros and Cons of Synergy TDI Indicator MT4

The Synergy TDI Indicator MT4 is one of the leading indicators used to identify and assess divergences in the Forex market. It uses trend identification, cycle analysis, and support/resistance devices in its calculations, allowing the trader to make wise decisions when trading. As with all indicators, it has both pros and cons which should be taken into consideration before using it for trading purposes.


  • It is an easy-to-use indicator that helps traders identify current trends in different time frames.
  • It works most optimally when used in conjunction with other technical indicators such as ADX or Stochastic to increase the accuracy of predictions.
  • The Synergy TDI Indicator MT4 accurately shows the divergence between the price and volume bars for an easier assessment of a potential trading opportunity.


  • The indicator is relatively expensive compared to free ones available on the market.
  • The Synergy TDI Indicator MT4 doesn’t always provide accurate signals since price movements are unpredictable at times regardless of how accurately analyzed they are.
  • Sometimes it can produce misleading signals due to a small sampling size if data points have been used in its calculations.

Examples of Successful Trades with Synergy TDI Indicator MT4

The Synergy TDI indicator for Meta Trader 4 allows traders to compare different instruments and make informed decisions about entry, exit, and stop strategy. This powerful tool provides insight into market dynamics, giving traders the opportunity to spot potential trading opportunities. It allows traders to set up their own custom set of indicators that bring potential deals to their attention. Below are a few examples of successful trades made with the help of Synergy TDI Indicator MT4:

  1. EUR/USD long trade – Entered long on EUR/USD after the Momentum Histogram broke above the trigger line. The trend momentum told us that there is a confirmed upward movement in this market and it was confirmed by the Synergy TDI indicator when it reached level 2. Profit was taken as soon as the price closed above the target line with a total profit of +179 pips.
  2. GBP/JPY short trade – Entered short position on GBP/JPY on a break below the signal line at 220 level and exited when the price closed below the target line at 140 with +80 pips profit at 15 minutes timeframe. The momentum Histogram turned red while the signal line crossed the trigger line downwards indicating bearish trend formation in the market which was further supported by Synergy TDI reaching level 1 indicating selling pressure increasing in this market pair giving us a great entry point for a short trade.
  3. USD/CAD breakout trade – Entered long position as USD/CAD breached previous resistance area indicating breakout on Daily time frame with momentum spiking upwards ahead of the signal line indicating bullish market force supported by Synergy TDI indicator reaching level 3 which eventually led us to huge profit taking opportunity resulting in an overall success rate of +115 pips at Daily time frame.

Synergy TDI Indicator Settings

Synergy TDI Indicator Settings

Synergy TDI Indicator MT4 Free Download

Summary and Conclusion of Synergy TDI Indicator MT4

This comprehensive guide to the Synergy TDI Indicator MT4 illustrates the potential of this advanced trading tool. The TDI (Trader’s Dynamic Index) indicator is designed to provide important technical analysis signals for traders who have become comfortable with the principles of technical analysis and trendlines.

The Synergy TDI Indicator MT4 can offer a powerful and reliable indicator and can be used in combination with other technical analysis tools, such as Support/Resistance or Moving Averages, in order to provide traders with a comprehensive view of market conditions. The TDI​ can be used when entering new positions or exiting existing ones and provides useful information on exit points and potential rebound areas. Its customizable parameters allow traders to adjust it according to their individual strategies.

The Synergy TDI Indicator MT4 is ideal for those traders who combine fundamental and technical analysis into their trading plan. This powerful tool is available for free for use in MetaTrader 4 along with an array of other features that make navigating markets easier than ever before. With a bit of insight into how it works, the Synergy TDI Indicator MT4 could be an invaluable asset in any trader’s toolkit.

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