Percentage Volume Oscillator Indicator MT5

Are you looking for a reliable technical indicator? Then the Percentage Volume Oscillator Indicator MT5 indicator is the perfect tool for you! PVO is an effective and efficient way to measure the volume flow of forex in the MetaTrader 5 trading platform. It helps traders identify short-term trends and make informed decisions.

Introduction to Percentage Volume Oscillator Indicator MT5

Percentage Volume Oscillator Indicator MT5

The Percentage Volume Oscillator (PVO) Indicator MT5 is an oscillating momentum indicator. Developed by Donald Dorsey, the PVO was designed to provide a way to observe the flow of money into and out of a security at a single glance. Momentum indicators as a whole are used by technical traders to identify trend direction and duration, often providing insight as to when best to enter or exit a position.

The Percentage Volume Oscillator (PVO) measures volume flow with respect to two moving averages, one short-term and one longer-term. By comparing the difference between these two moving averages, PVO is able to provide valuable insights into buying and selling pressure in the market. This information can be used in tandem with existing technical indicators or strategies when making trading decisions, allowing traders to gain an improved perspective on market conditions at any given time.

How the Percentage Volume Oscillator Indicator MT5 Works

The Percentage Volume Oscillator Indicator MT5 (PVO) is a technical indicator that measures the rate at which volume is changing over time. As its name implies, it does this by calculating the percentage change in volume from one period to the next. The indicator consists of two lines that oscillate around a zero line, giving traders an indication of whether there is more or less buying/selling action taking place than usual.

The PVO Indicator is generally used to identify divergences between price and volume as an indication of an impending reversal in trend direction. The indicator typically produces buy signals when it moves above zero and sell signals when it dips below zero. It can also be used to measure the strength of price moves relative to trading volumes; for instance, if prices are increasing but PVO volumes are falling, a potential trend reversal may be on the horizon. Ultimately, PVO can alert traders to shifts in trader psychology, helping them make better trading decisions based on evolving market conditions and sentiment.

Benefits of Using the Percentage Volume Oscillator Indicator MT5

Benefits of Using the Percentage Volume Oscillator Indicator MT5

The Percentage Volume Oscillator (PVO) indicator is one of the popular volume-based technical indicators used in the MetaTrader 5 trading platform. It was developed by Sunny J. Harris and introduced to currency trading in 1998. PVO helps identify strong dynamics of the market through two different calculation methods, MESA and EMA, which help traders make better decisions when it comes to entering and exiting trades.

The main benefit of using PVO is that it can provide evidence of strong or weak bullish or bearish pressure on the market. The PVO oscillator also provides traders insights into possible trend shifts. It’s important for traders to understand how markets move before using any type of volume-based indicator like this one.

The Percentage Volume Oscillator MT5 allows traders to customize the period length and MA calculations for better results when analyzing financial data. Additionally, they provide more precise information by displaying them as bars instead of just lines on a chart, making them easier to track movements over time. This tool also shows whether there are more buyers or sellers in a given time frame and can be used as a confirmatory indicator for trend analysis with other oscillators such as MACD or RSI indicators. The MT5 allows traders to set custom alert notifications so that they can monitor potential opportunities even when away from their desktop computer screen or mobile phone, making this tool ideal for active day traders who need to stay updated about potential opportunities at all times!

How to Set Up the Percentage Volume Oscillator Indicator MT5

The Percentage Volume Oscillator (PVO) indicator is a technical tool that measures the volume of the underlying security. It does this by taking the total buying and selling volume of a security over a given period and comparing it against that of the previous period. By subtracting the two figures, an oscillator is created which can be seen as an indicator of market volatility or new trends in the underlying security.

Setting up and using the PVO indicator for MetaTrader 5 (MT5) is easy. To get started, first, open your MT5 trading account and plot the indicator on your chart. When plotting, you will need to specify certain settings such as which time frame to plot over, and what type of data source to use (e.g., High-Low or OHLC).

Once you’ve set up all these settings, you will be able to view on a screen larger white/gray candles when there is more buying volume than selling volume, dark gray/black candles when there is more selling volume than buying volume, or green doji lines when there are equal amounts of buying and selling volume.

To adjust your PVO settings further, click ‘Inputs’ on your MT5 menu bar and select your desired values for ‘Period1’, ‘Period2’, and ‘Period3’ from different time frames. For example, setting Period 1 at 10 periods means that 10 bars are going to be used as baseline data before calculating calculations made with a current market activity relating to price action in terms of buying & selling volumes compared between two periods of time.

You can also adjust your visibility settings such as colors used within candles & doji lines as well as changing text size labels above/below candles if desired. Once happy with these changes you can save them for future usage by clicking Parameters → Save As on the menu bar and then name & save according to preference before finally clicking OK afterward until the prompt window closes!

Interpreting the Results of the Percentage Volume Oscillator Indicator MT5

The Percentage Volume Oscillator (PVO) indicator for the MetaTrader 5 platform is a volume-based momentum indicator that compares the current Price Close to an exponential Moving Average (EMA) of previous Price Closes. It allows traders to monitor changing the momentum of a particular security in terms of actual traded volumes and provides insight into potential bullish or bearish reversals in the market.

Traders can interpret the results of this indicator to determine if buying pressure or selling pressure is building in the market by observing divergences between price and PVO signals. A positive divergence occurs when the price declines while still remaining above its EMA, while PVO rises. This indicates that buying pressure is building, with higher volumes being utilized to keep prices elevated. Conversely, a negative divergence occurs when the price rises without the support of rising PVO levels indicating that selling pressure is causing price elevations at lower volumes indicating a possible reversal.

Additionally, traders can observe how shifting references between short and long-duration EMA’s used by Market Analysts may also provide additional insight into timely signals regarding potential buying and selling activity in the market at different points in time. Combined with other technical analysis tools such as trend-following indicators like moving average crossover systems more precise entry and exit signals can be generated by utilizing multiple criteria from several complementary indicators which could improve overall trading performance if properly implemented within a trading strategy.

Strategies for Using the Percentage Volume Oscillator Indicator MT5

Strategies for Using the Percentage Volume Oscillator Indicator MT5

The Percentage Volume Oscillator (PVO) is an indicator in MetaTrader 5 that can be used by traders to compare the volume of recent rising bars with the volume of recent falling bars. This ratio of rising-to-falling volume can help identify potential market opportunities. For example, on a longer time frame, the PVO might flag up an oversold-to-overbought divergence, indicating a possible reversal and opportunity to buy or sell.

There are several strategies for trading with the PVO indicator in MT5. The simplest strategy is to look for significant extremes – readings at or near 100% indicate buying pressure and readings at or near 0% indicate selling pressure – and use them as entry signals. Other strategies involve adding additional technical analysis tools, such as Fibonacci retracements, directional movement indicators, and moving averages, to confirm any signals generated by the PVO indicator itself.

The PVO indicator is also commonly used by swing traders as a way to identify momentum shifts in the market, helping traders to better time their entries into positions. By combining the PVO with these other technical analysis tools swing traders can create powerful trading strategies that allow them to capitalize on price swings while minimizing risk exposure.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Using the Percentage Volume Oscillator Indicator MT5

The Percentage Volume Oscillator Indicator (PVO) MT5 is an indicator used widely among day traders and investors to identify momentum, volume trends, and possible divergence when analyzing forex markets. The indicator is easy to use but there are some mistakes that could be made when it is employed in the technological trading analysis or charting process. It is important to recognize these common mistakes and how to avoid them in order to maximize the effectiveness of the PVOMT5.

Common mistakes when using the PVOMT5 include:

  • Using the wrong time frame: The PVOMT5 works best with a combination of short-term and long-term analysis. If one uses too many smaller time frames without taking into account larger trends, false signals may be created that could lead to losses.
  • Interpreting indicators incorrectly: Markets can often move up or down temporarily before returning back from whence they came. When using PVOMT5, it is important to know that divergence does not always indicate an impending reversal in trend direction and should not be taken as a sign of opening new positions until confirmed by other indicators such as moving averages and support/resistance levels.
  • Not accounting for fundamental analysis: Technical analysis alone will not provide insight into what causes a certain price trend on certain occasions such as specific news releases, earnings reports, etc., resulting in missed opportunities or improper risk management practices such as setting unrealistic stop loss values or unrealistically high target prices on short trades with negative expectation values. Understanding fundamental factors can help traders make informed decisions in times of uncertainty by incorporating macroeconomic factors into their trading decisions.

By avoiding these mistakes traders can optimize their performance with PVOMT5 technical analysis program and charting packages while also maintaining proper risk management protocols for superior results over time.

Percentage Volume Oscillator Indicator Settings

Percentage Volume Oscillator Indicator Settings
  • Fast MA Period: 12
  • Slow MA Period: 26
  • Signal Period: 9

Percentage Volume Oscillator Indicator MT5 Free Download


In conclusion, the Percentage Volume Oscillator Indicator is a relatively simple indicator to incorporate into your technical analysis when trading in MT5. This indicator is not meant to be a sole decision-making tool but instead can be used to supplement and confirm other methods which you are using in your analysis. With its easy customization options, it can be tailored according to each trader’s individual needs, making it a powerful and versatile platform for determining market momentum in Forex trading.

The main benefit of the Percentage Volume Oscillator Indicator is its ability to help traders assess volume trends compared to price. Monitoring both price and volume fluctuations together, it enables traders to find areas of divergences or inconsistencies that may suggest an imminent reversal. As well as forming part of a trader’s overall risk management strategy, having greater insight into market sentiment and momentum will help traders gain a competitive edge.

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